Historic Baptist Church

Pastor Nash Desent

Historic Baptist Church has been directed in the truth of God's word for the past thirty years by our Pastor, Nash S. Desent. Pastor and his wife and children came to our church from Shreveport, Louisiana, where Pastor attended Louisiana Baptist Seminary and worked on staff at Baptist Tabernacle, under the leadership of Pastor J. G. Tharpe. Bro. Tharpe is known as "Mr. Baptist" of Louisiana. The school there under the authority of Baptist Tabernacle. Baptist Tabernacle ordained and sent out our Pastor to start Historic Baptist Church. Over the years Historic Baptist Church and our pastor's family has grown. Pastor Desent has a Ph.D. in Scripture Ministries, a Th.D. in Theology, and an Honorary D.D.

Pastor Obadiah Desent

Pastor Obadiah Desent has had the privilege of growing up in an independent fundamental King James only Baptist church, Historic Baptist Church, under the pastoral-ship of his father, Nash Desent. Through pastor Desent’s example of passionately preaching the word of God and leading his family, as well as the flock that the Lord entrusted to him, Obadiah has grown a love for Historic Baptist Church and a burden for the souls of North Kingstown, RI. Obadiah completed his B.A. in Theology and M.Div degree from Rhode Island Baptist Seminary and is currently serving at Historic Baptist Church. Him, his wife Kelly, and their family faithfully attend and are looking forward to what God has planned for North Kingstown.