Our church is blessed with people of various personalities, styles, and backgrounds. We have servants for your sakes, who preach not themselves, but Jesus Christ the Lord. We also have a Seminary featuring the Baptist International School of the Scriptures curricula. Our school offers Associate through Ph.D. degrees in this curricula known as School of the Scriptures. This curricula has been developed and proved for nearly 50 years. It is a biblically- based and -operated teaching system. It not only teaches the Bible, but does the teaching in a biblical order, using biblical precepts, and using only the Bible. We have had a number of faithful and proven men who are part of this school, who have graduated into eternity. I think of our Vice-president of Central-America teaching is Missionary Robert Baker. He, with his wife Connie, served in Honduras as an ordained Missionary/Pastor/Teacher for many years, starting three churches and publishing the scriptures through those churches. Bro. Baker is an excellent example of what HBC desires to multiply (Preachers, Churches, and Scriptures). He has blazed a trail for others to follow.

We have Dr. Francisco Guerrero, serving as Vice President of the school and he is our Missionary to the Spanish Scriptures. Through Dr. Guerrero's effort of thirty-plus years of labor, the New Testament has been translated into Spanish based on the Textus Receptus. He oversees the international B.I. work.

All our ministers and staff operate under the biblical precept that we must Do BEFORE we Teach. Our Saviour taught us that if we were to say one thing and do another, that this is hypocrisy. Using the words of Jesus, woe to the snakes and vipers that would set themselves up as teachers, but they themselves offer no light. Blind leaders of the blind, is what Jesus called them. Our work has no place for hypocrites. A man must Do and Teach!

Pastor Nash Desent

Historic Baptist Church has been directed in the truth of God's word for the past twenty years by our Pastor, Nash S. Desent. Pastor and his wife and children came to our church from Shreveport, Louisiana, where Pastor attended Louisiana Baptist Seminary and worked on staff at Baptist Tabernacle, under the leadership of Pastor J. G. Tharpe. Bro. Tharpe is known as "Mr. Baptist" of Louisiana. The school there under the authority of Baptist Tabernacle. Baptist Tabernacle ordained and sent out our Pastor to start Historic Baptist Church. Over the years Historic Baptist Church and our pastor's family has grown. Pastor Desent has a Ph.D. in Scripture Ministries, a Th.D. in Theology, and an Honorary D.D.


Associate Pastor Leon Thompson

Pastor Leon Thompson Jr was saved while in the US Army in 1977, a sinner saved by grace, through the blood of Jesus Christ. Accepting the KJV as the inerrant word of God and ordained in 2005. He preaches the word, no private interpretation, and preaches not himself, but Christ Jesus the Lord. His life verse is Romans 10:13.


Youth Pastor Michael Carrier

Pastor Michael Carrier was born and raised in Westerly and Narragansett RI. He received Jesus Christ as his personal Savior on May 12, 2013 at Historic Baptist Church. From that moment, Michael has been dedicated to serving the Lord and doing whatever He would have him to do. Michael surrendered to preach and pastor on June 14, 2014, and attended Rhode Island Baptist Seminary. He received his Bachelor's degree in Scripture Ministries and was ordained June 14, 2016. Michael, his wife Elesha, and their family currently serve at Historic Baptist Church; assisting the Pastors and working with the youth and young adults.