Historic Baptist Church

Pastor Obadiah Desent

Pastor Obadiah Desent has had the privilege of growing up in an independent fundamental King James only Baptist church, Historic Baptist Church, under the pastoral-ship of his father, Nash Desent. Through pastor Desent’s example of passionately preaching the word of God and leading his family, as well as the flock that the Lord entrusted to him, Obadiah has grown a love for Historic Baptist Church and a burden for the souls of North Kingstown, RI. Obadiah completed his B.A. in Theology and M.Div degree from Rhode Island Baptist Seminary and is currently serving at Historic Baptist Church. Him, his wife Kelly, and their family faithfully attend and are looking forward to what God has planned for North Kingstown.

Missionary Pastor Nash Sebastian Desent

Pastor Desent founded Historic Baptist Church in 1991. In February 2023, after 32 years as pastor of HBC, he and his wife Suzanne took leadership of Landmark Baptist Church (Iglesia Bautista El Lindero Antiguo) in Villa El Salvador, Peru. Pastor Desent moved to Peru as in directing Independent Baptist Missions through the church in Peru. Pastor Desent is very happy to turnover the church into the capable leadership of Pastor Obadiah M. Desent and his wife Kelly. The church in Lima offers ministry opportunities to Baptists of like faith to visit Peru for mission trips, youth trips; and especially to pastors and evangelists who can teach missionaries for week-long instructional seminars in our Baptist International University that we operate in Peru. Peru provides exceptional opportunities for all brethren to visit and minister, evangelize, and teach things to our Peruvian brethren. Whether the topics be in Biblical studies, construction, medicine, education, music, financial, children’s ministry, etc.; as brothers and sisters in Christ they can be greatly used in Peru.