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We are happy you are here. We would like to extend to you and your loved ones an invitation to attend our church services, and
hear real Bible Preaching

We are Located is Historic Wickford Village in North Kingstown RI,


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Now . . .

Here is the Question:

If you were to die tonight and awake in the presence of Almighty God, and He were to ask you, "Why should I let you into my
heaven?"  What would you say? Continued . . .


On the following pages of this site you will discover what salvation in Christ really means, and why everyone in this world needs
to come to a saving faith in Jesus Christ. If you are already a believer, we want to encourage you to live your life for Jesus
Christ. We pray you would let others know of this site. If you have not yet believed on the Lord Jesus Christ, we implore you
to do just that, and that it be TODAY that you enjoy this great gift of Salvation.

Historic Baptist Church has one major goal: to reflect the light of Jesus Christ -- the WORD of God -- in this world of spiritual

Our hope is that all will come to know how great Jesus Christ is, and what a blessed life He offers to all who will trust in Him.

The site was designed to meet that hope, and to instruct and encourage believers to preach the good news of salvation
through Jesus Christ.


On the right side of your screen are links to other pages that will inform you about the ministries of our church. There are a
variety of interesting documents to read that were prepared by our church. There are pages that offer FREE literature and files
by which you can print your own scriptures. We desire to be a help and blessing to you, and will send you whatever we offer
just for the asking. Just as we freely offer you these materials, Jesus Christ offers you the FREE gift of eternal life with Him in
heaven... all you have to do is believe the gospel.


The prayer of Historic Baptist Church is that this web site would find many open doors for the Word of God to reach the lost
and dying souls around the world. We desire Jesus Christ to take this small work and use it for His honor and glory. We
encourage all who desire, to print the scriptures and other booklets offered on this website, and distribute them freely to
those in need. In these last days, may God use us to effect a miraculous receiving of His Son Jesus Christ in this complacent
and dark world.


Please, feel free to explore this site, and do send us your thoughts.



Church Services

Day Time Event
Sun 10:00am Sunday School
Sun 11:00am Morning Service
Sun 3:00pm Evening Service
Wed 7:00pm Evening Service
Sat 7:00pm Evening Service
Sat 7:00pm Popcorn Preaching last Saturday of the month